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Submitted on
February 8, 2011


:new: It's already February 9 (my place), which means there's only 5 DAYS LEFT before the Valentine's Day Contest ends. For those who still haven't submit their awesome artworks yet, DO SO A.S.A.P!!! Lol...I'm surprised by the amount of entries, ~happy tears~ so please keep it coming babes!! XDD


EDIT EDIT: PROBLEM FIXED! You can now submit your entries into the CONTEST ENTRIES FOLDER. ^^

:bulletred: Those who submitted their contest entries into the wrong folder will be disqualified! SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES INTO THE CONTEST ENTRIES FOLDER ONLY! Thank You.


:star: Greetings to everyone! zyein here! There's some brief announcement to make so here goes:~

:bulletblue::pencil: First of all, I would like to apologise for neglecting this group. :iconcrycryplz: I've been tremendously busy with finals and exams and all that...So, from this day henceforth, I am no longer the founder of this group. Your new founder is FadingNoctis!! :clap: *now everyone, say hi and be nice to

:bulletblue::pencil: The second news is that we're gonna have our first TohruxKyo contest. And the theme would be Valentine's Day!

We need humble people who can contribute any sort of donations as the prizes for the winner (Be it points, or sketches, or drawing, or llama, or a journal feature).
For now, we will have ONE winner. If there's a lot of entries, then we might add two more winners.^^ For the time being, the prizes will be:

:iconrainbowlaplz::bulletyellow: TWO PRIZE WINNERS :bulletyellow::iconrainbowlaplz:

:bulletpurple: First Prize :bulletpurple:

:star: 1 month journal feature: Warrayfinson zyein FadingNoctis
:star: 1 week journal feature: Shinjuuki
:star: 2 months feature on the group's front page (featured folder). FadingNoctis
:star: One character (fullbody) CG painted drawing. zyein
:star: One character chibi sketch. zyein
:star: One animated icon by OwlinAMinor :new:
:star: A llama Warrayfinson zyein Shinjuuki FadingNoctis OwlinAMinor
:star: 30 :points: zyein

:new::bulletpurple: Second Prize :bulletpurple:

:star: 1 month journal feature: Warrayfinson zyein FadingNoctis
:star: 1 week journal feature: Shinjuuki
:star: One character (waist-up) CG painted drawing. zyein
:star: One animated icon by OwlinAMinor :new:
:star: A llama Warrayfinson zyein Shinjuuki FadingNoctis OwlinAMinor
:star: 15 :points: zyein


Of course, every contest has it's terms and conditions, right?
Therefore, these are the rules:

:iconrainbowlaplz::bulletyellow: RULES :bulletyellow::iconrainbowlaplz:

:bulletred: MUST have Kyo and Tohru in it.
:bulletred: Based on Valentine's Day theme only! (Do not suddenly put Christmas or New Year's or Birthday thingies or somesort; we want Valentine! ^^)
:bulletred: Make it as gorgeous as you can! (This is a contest...)
:bulletred: Spread the LOVE in your drawing! Make it as ROMANTIC as you can!
:bulletred: We will not accept explicit 18sx stuff in. It can be matured, but do NOT submit something hentai/porn! Those who sent Mature Content artworks MUST BE FILTERED!.
:bulletred: You can submit your entry as much as you want. But the winner can only win ONE prize.
:bulletred: It can be in Traditional, Digital, Cosplay or Literature.
:bulletred: Submit into the CONTEST ENTRIES Folder.
:bulletred: If anyone of you use textures, base, or anything that isn't yours, LINK and CREDIT the original artist.
:bulletred: MUST BE RECENT! Not old artworks.
:bulletred: MUST BE ORIGINAL! We do NOT except art thieves here!
:bulletred: Deadline: 14 February 2011 (might be extended, depends on the amount of entries).


:iconrainbowlaplz::bulletyellow: JUDGES :bulletyellow::iconrainbowlaplz:


:bulletgreen: Once the contest is close, we will do a VOTING journal where you guys can vote for the winning entry!

So get you pencils/tablets/mouse up and get started folks! XD
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Warrayfinson Feb 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wait, I almost forgot about this! ^^; Just a question, can the entry be in literature/fanfiction form?
DangoSisters Feb 2, 2011
OH YAY!!! Sounds so fun!!! :iconexcitedlaplz: I'm deffinately going to try my best!!! :iconlaaaplz:
i saw ur entry! very cute! i wish u the best of luck! ^^
DangoSisters Feb 5, 2011
Thank you so much! :blowkiss: Can't wait to see the results 0.0 :la:
Ariaera Feb 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
All done :meow:
It's in the KyoXTohru folder too
thx so much! it's a really good drawing! I wish u the best of luck! XDD
Ariaera Feb 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. Glad you like it :) Best of luck to everyone else too
Shinjuuki Feb 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm already working on it :love:!!
btw, its still ok to sumit a entry 18+ if its begin filtred?
yep! and as long as it's not hentai/porn-like, lol.. woaa...18+? :iconteheplz:
I'll probably submit one KyoxTohru too, but just for fun though...good luck Shinju!
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